I am proud to announce Musicology Volume Two, Kid! is now available on! This is the second book in the Musicology saga.



The Fifth and Final book in the Musicology Series, Musicology: The Epiquad is now available in Kindle and Paperback!!!


Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and Reality TV, baby! In a desperate attempt to save his record label Master Lab Productions from bankruptcy, recently re-divorced music producer Max Buckner reluctantly becomes a mentor on the abysmally low rated reality show Musicology hosted by his longtime colleague, sleazebag television personality Devon Daniels. Max finds himself paired up with his old flame Ruby Diamonds, a former chart-topping diva who dumped Max over twenty years earlier. Devon strong arms the pair of has-beens into traveling the country on a desperate hunt for the best and the brightest out of a motley crew of singers including an Amish punk rocker, a psychopathic man-eater, a sexually aggressive grunge rocker, a virginal voyeur and a white guy with guitar. Along the way the two former love birds reignite their old romance until they return to Burbank, California where Ruby’s bombshell secret could unravel them all. Visit to vote for who you think will win Musicology.
After Ruby Diamond’s shocking decision, the Circle of Ten results have been revealed. Now Ruby is about to drop another timebomb into Max Buckner’s hands, a dangerous secret that puts the show on a collision course with legal and financial ruin. As Max scrambles to find out which contestant is “The Kid” and save Musicology from scandal, the Circle of Ten start carrying out agendas of their own …especially the resident diva who will stop at nothing in her attempt to destroy every contestant in her path, dominate the competition, and take the Musicology crown. Vote for who you think will win Musicology at
Who is Donnie Trojan? The Circle of Seven have been revealed and the pressure is on. The resident diva exhibits her conniving zenith as she continues making carnage of the other contestants’ careers. But Ruby Diamonds is on to her and enlists the help of an old friend and an unlikely budding romance to set things right. Amidst the drama Devon embraces the unexpected rising ratings and Max scrambles to figure out who “The Kid” is before the show takes another damaging turn and obliterates his career
And then there were FOUR! Musicology’s Circle of Four contestants prepare to battle it out for the title. But before they do, they must endure the seasonal Parents Dinner, Bear und Buggy and unusual mating rituals. Max believes he has figured out who The Kid is when he runs into an old acquaintance. Ruby drops a bomb on Max involving Robbie Sexton, a contestant’s dark secret is ultimately revealed, and the Musicology champion is finally crowned.
All insane things must come to an end. In the aftermath of the shocking Musicology finale Ruby takes off on tour with Robbie Sexton. Max assembles a music group with two of the contestants and another familiar face and books them a gig in Las Vegas. But unexpected events and smoldering relationships send the members lives spiraling out of control as they seek to establish life after reality competition. 

It’s about the music, Baby!

Welcome to Musicology Rocks! The web site where you can vote for who you think will win the reality TV show Musicology! Creator and host Devon Daniels has sent his mentors, record producer Maximillian Buckner and world renowned rock diva Ruby Diamonds, on a nationwide hunt to find the best singers in America who have never been on or were rejected from other more successful reality music shows. The vocalists will compete for a recording contract with Max’s label Master Lab Records! Help judges Robbie Sexton, Bonnie Lake and Dick Dandy decide who will win the Musicology Crown!